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Pools and Pool Supplies

As a pool owner, you are familiar with the wide variety of supplies and parts for a pool . If you have the correct swimming pool supplies you will enjoy swimming in your serene pool or just lounging around a pool with crystal clear water.

To keep that water crystal clear you need to test your pool water. This can be done using pool test kits with OTO drops, or use test strips. From testing your swimming pool water you will know what chemicals you will need to add. Chlorine needs to be kept between 3 and 4ppm. You should use chlorine tablets in a chlorinator at all times and shock your pool weekly with liquid chlorine. Other pool chemicals should be added as needed.

Besides chemicals pool equipment is essential. It is good maintenance to brush your pool weekly using an eighteen inch pool brush with nylon bristles. Also a leaf skimmer should be used to keep debris off the surface of the water. The best way to keep your pool always looking clean is to use a automatic pool cleaner. Many people refer to them as a Kreepy Krauly. As your pool pump runs the cleaner runs. With no debris on the bottom of the swimming pool to decompose and become food for algae to grow, your pool will use less chemicals and the pool water will stay beautiful.

Lastly, pool owners with no enclosures will use pool covers to keep leaves and debris out of their swimming pools. Leaf nets are popular to keep large leaves out of pools. Others will use the winter cover. That is a solid tarp like material that keeps all debris out of the pool. Now others that want to extend their swimming season will use a solar cover. The solar cover will trap heat in the pool and prevent heat loss. No matter what pool supplies you need we have them. Just order them online at and to save more you can pick them up at the store at My Pool Place in Lakeland, Florida.

Pool Parts

To keep your pool in top condition, you will need to make sure your pool pump, motor, and filter are all working properly. If you experience any problems with these pool parts, and you need to have them replaced, we have them at The following are some signs that your pump, motor, or filter may be having some trouble:

  1. Pool Pumps and Pool Motors: Some things you want to look for when checking your pump and motor is that the pump is pulling in water, and not sucking in air. You’ll also need to check for any leaks coming from the unit. If your motor won’t turn on, or turns itself off, it could be overheating, or possibly there is debris surrounding the motor. Finally, of course, if your pump or motor is making an unusually loud sound, that indicates a problem that should be checked out immediately.
  2. Pool Filters: When examining your pool filter, the first two things you will want to check for are a leak and improper pressure. If you have cloudy water in your pool, your filter is clearly not performing properly. Also be aware of your filter’s cycles to make sure they’re not too short, which would indicate a problem that would need to be checked out by a swimming pool expert.

At My Pool we want to help you with all of your pool part needs. We don’t want you to have to work and stress over your pool, so we are ready to help replace your pool parts and get you back to relaxing in no time!


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